Millennial Renters Seek Out Smart Home Features

There’s no doubt about it: today’s renters are looking for convenience. After all, that’s the reason why many of us embrace technology, whether we’re renters or not. Convenience is the number one reason that homeowners switch to motorized window treatments, for instance, and it’s also why we rely on our gadgets to help us with virtually every daily task. But Millennial renters don’t simply want their homes to provide more convenience; they want them to be smarter, too.

Recent surveys have found that young renters want secure homes that are close to work. But surveys have also revealed that Millennial renters want integrated technology in their properties. While around 69% of homeowners say they’re willing to spend more money for new kitchen appliances, the kinds of appliances young renters are interested in might go beyond stainless steel. Smart refrigerators might be a perk, but features like keyless entry systems, automated lights, or integrated technology that allows you to have your home literally send information to your other devices can be extremely appealing to these tenants.

That’s right, Google Home will let you control the entire house. It can even help you find your phone if you can’t remember where you last set it down. It can arm your security system, turn off the lights, and entertain your kids. But for those who aren’t quite ready to go down that science fiction route, separate smart gadgets are available to make tenants’ lives easier.

Smart lights, plugs, and switches are especially attractive to those who care about being energy efficient. Whether they want to save money or make an environmental impact, property owners might find these upgrades to be worthwhile. Some can easily be controlled by Siri or Google, which means no one has to download a third-party app to control them and they’re simple to program so no one gets left in the dark.

Of course, there are smart gadgets that tenants can purchase themselves that will allow them to enjoy their space even more. Smart vacuums are still quite popular, and smart speakers are definitely having a moment. Tenants who are allowed to have dogs might find treat-dispensing dog cameras help smooth things over with the neighbors by preventing late-night barking. But if you really want to impress potential tenants, installing smart security cameras can provide valuable peace of mind for singles, couples, and families. Even if they get renter’s insurance, this can be a valuable perk.

That said, these additions will likely appeal most to those looking to rent higher-end properties. So if the market can bear the cost, consider adding some of these elements into your rental. Or alternatively, your tenants can always take it upon themselves to make their home smarter.


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