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    We have several rental properties and have been managing ourselves for years. In the near future, we may need to be “out of town” often like traveling over other countries. We can still do tenant renew/leasing ourselves as needed but do need someone/service to help us to take care of cases like request of repairing when we are not in town.

    So is there any light-weight service covers only repair requests?



    Hey Mark,
    I work with OYO Homes, a property management software tool that maximizes your rental revenue while doing all the service and tasks for you.
    The OYO business model is relatively new to the US market, but we do this for more than 30,000 vacation properties in Europe.

    I think we could be able to help you out and would be happy to briefly chat about it.

    Call or email and I look forward to talking more and seeing if we are a good fit!


    Paul Reichart
    Business Development Manager
    OYO Homes

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