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     Ronald Morris

    Property management companies take complete responsibility of timely maintenance and repairs of the rental home.


    Indeed Property Management Companies takes responsibility for property maintenance but now landlords themselves manage their own property by using a simple tool known as Property Management Software. I am a landlord and I am having 5 apartments and 25 individuals are living there. Earlier I found difficult to manage rent, maintenance, bills etc. but one day I came to know via newspaper about tenantfile software. I was not at all familiar with Desktop but When I started using this Desktop tool I found very easy and simple to manage all data. I suggest every landlord to try this software as this website provides sample software for trial before purchasing the actual package as I am very satisfied with that tool. This tool has so many features like auto calculations, reminders, 10 bank accounts attached in this tool, easy information access, easy database management etc. You can download this software by clicking here


    You can visit us in AscendCorp Strata PTY LTD. We provide Property Management and Facility Services.

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