How to Inspect about Tenant

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     lincoln boland

    I am new to property investment and I want to know how I could verify background of the tenant. What are the ways of background verification.

     Ronald Morris

    Ask them questions that can give you information about their back ground, such as…
    Have you given notice to your existing landlord?
    How is your credit report?
    Who else will be living with you?
    Also look out for trouble signs like if he is thinking too often before answering, his statements are changing etc. You can also hire the services of a real estate company as they can help you to verify the background of the tenant.


    Screening tenant:
    – Check his/her Application
    – Run a Credit Check
    – Run a Background Check
    – Contact the Previous Landlords
    – Contact the Tenant’s Employer
    – Interview the Tenant

    If there are things you want to know, you can also check our website, AscendCorp Strata. Thanks!

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