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Bryan M. Chavis, Certified Professional Landlord™, Certified Apartment Manager, Certified Rental Investing Specialist™
President & Founder

Bryan is the founder of The Landlord Academy™ and international speaker, author and creator of The Landlording 101 Operations Manual™, The Rental Investor’s Guide™ and training material for the new Reality Desigantions: Certified Rental Investing Specialist, designation, recognized by the Florida Real Estate Commission for continuing education. Bryan developed the courses based on his experiences as an investor and property manager, Bryan has been quoted to say”One man practicing Real Estate Investing is far more valuable then 100 teaching it!”

In July 2006 Bryan signed with power house book agents Vigliano & Associates which lead to Bryan signing a huge book deal in November of 07′ with one of the worlds most influential book publishers Simon & Schuster they plan on feauring Bryan’s book as there flag ship Real Estate book. Look for the book to be in all the major Retail book stores in late 08′ early 09′.

Bryan also has been requested throughout the state of Florida as an instructor for the National Apartment Association’s Certified Apartment Manager Courses. Bryan was recently named one of the top 40 up and coming entrepreneurs under the age of 40 by the Gulf Coast Business Review. You may also have seen Bryan on just about all of the local news stations, as with the sudden correction in the real estate market The Landlord Academy™ has become a hot topic.

Bryan is a Florida native. What makes Bryan unique is that he has overcome some major obstacles to achieve his goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Bryan at the age of five was diagnosed with a severe learning disability which included dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. Early on as a child in grade school. Bryan sat with his desk placed in the back corner of his classroom, with a used refrigerator box placed over him and a hole cut out in the front.  It was said to his parents that this was the only way that Bryan could stay in school because of his attention deficit disorder.  He was very hyperactive and couldn’t pay attention in class and therefore could not be taught like the other students. So for many years Bryan remained in that box. Bryan has been quoted to say “For a long time I began to believe what the teachers told me, that maybe something was truly wrong with me, but one day my thinking changed and I began to think maybe there’s nothing wrong with me, maybe something is wrong with them” Fortunately for the real estate world and countless others, Bryan did not allow his disability to control him or his future. Bryan recalls being told by a teacher in high school that, because of his disabilities college was not a realistic goal. Each time Bryan was knocked down he dusted himself off and got back up. Currently his Landlord training materials are now being taught in colleges.

Bryan also started the Winky Wright The Landlord Academy™ Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament, along with Winky Wright, the WBA and WBC super welterweight boxing champion of the world. The tournament rose over $14,000.00 in 2005 for Academy Prep and $1,000 for The First Tee of St. Petersburg. Bryan also started Apartment Investment Advisors™ a multi-family investment company. In November of 07′ the company perched there first apartment complex, the company plans to add eight more apartment complex to there portfolio during the next year.
Bryan travels around the state of Florida teaching landlord tenant, rental investing and Fair Housing courses. His dedication and services have been praised by the City of Bradenton, Manatee County, and the City of St. Petersburg. The Landlord Academy™ has taught workshops and courses for all the government Section 8 programs in Pinellas County and many more. The Landlord Academy™ has also provided training and education for the Greater Tampa Bay Association (GTAR), one of the most prestigious real estate associations in the nation. Bryan is currently working with the Deputy Mayor of the City of St. Petersburg and the economic development team to put together a powerful and informative workshop that will not only benefit investors, but the wonderful city of St. Petersburg as well.  Bryan’s talent for creating such a dynamic business was currently praised in the November issue of the Maddux Business Report.  He and the Academy were also credited in the March ‘06 issue of the Maddux Business Report for helping former New York YankeeDetroit Tiger, Gary Sheffieldlearn the business of real estate investing.

One of Bryan’s favorite quotes is “Your actions can be no wiser than your thoughts and you’re thinking no wiser than your understanding.”